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Switch to solar today!

Environment conscious residents opt for the solar rooftop to lead sustainable living and to reduce their energy costs. For homeowners whose monthly electricity bill is more than Rs 3000, solar is an ideal choice for saving on the electricity bill. Responsible environmentally conscious residents must have this product to reduce their carbon footprint and lead a sustainable living. Solar can take care of your complete energy requirements and you can power your entire home with green, sustainable energy. It can be used for powering all lights, fans, air conditioners, home appliances, and even water pumps.

Homeowners can choose from three types of solar rooftop systems, on-grid, off-grid, and hybrid. Government bodies like MNRE and Discom are promoting the solar rooftop systems with net-meter facility and long term power purchase agreement (PPA), which significantly increases the affordability of solar rooftop systems.

Solar rooftop system comes with a long life of 25+ years and it pays back itself through savings in monthly electricity bills within about 4-5 years. After the break-even period, customers enjoy free electricity for the rest of the PV’s life. It is also a great financial investment as it generates a higher return on investment, around 20% when compared to an interest of 7% of Bank Fixed deposits.

  • Hedge against the rising energy costs.
  • Scalable design for easy upgrades.
  • Proven to be long-life products.
  • RPO (Renewable Purchase Obligations) compliance.
  • Self-reliance for energy.
  • A commitment for a greener tomorrow.
  • Perfect use of the idle rooftop space.
  • Accelerated depreciation benefit on capital investment.
  • Long term power purchase agreements (PPA) with DISCOMS or private investors.
  • Solutions, custom made to fit your needs.
  • Systems range from a few kW to multiple MW.
  • World-class products that provide long-life and reduced maintenance hassles.
  • All the components are MNRE and DISCOM approved.
  • Systems have remote monitoring and maintenance facilities.
  • Insurance facilities to give that peace of mind.
  • A variety of business models to suit your needs:
    1. CAPEX
    2. OPEX/PPA (Pay as you go model)
    3. Loan Facilities

Solar Can be Used For

Common Area Lighting
Club House Lighting
Security & Surveillance
Water Pumping
Water Treatment
Sewage Treatment
Water Heating
Swimming Pool Heating

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